Sunday, 13 February 2011

Le Macaron!

Apparently maracroons/macarons are the new cupcakes so thought i had better jump on the bandwagon quick! These were surprisingly easy to make and i was nervous about it as not really worked with egg whites that much. However they were a doddle and tasted great. However, may have been some beginners luck as a second attemped was no where near as good. Too grainy.
175g icing sugar
125g ground almonds
3 large egg whites
75g caster sugar
Food colouring and filling of your choice

Whizz the icing sugar and almonds in food processor until fine (i think this is an important stage my second attempt was grainy and i think i under whizzed the sugar and almonds). Sieve into a bowl.
In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt to soft peakes. Then gradually whisk in the caster sugar until thick and glossy. At this point add any colouring or flavouring and mix.
Fold in half the almond/icing mix and mix well. Add the second half and use a spatula to fold until shiny and has thick ribobn like consistency.
Spoon into a piping bag. Prepare greased, lined trays. Pipe rounds onto the trays. Tap the trays on the surface and leave for 10-15 mins to form a slight skin.
Bake in 140 fan for 15 mins. Leave to cool before peeling away. Fill with preferred filling and sandwhich together.

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